Erebouni medical college director Dr.Amrit Das handover the admission gateway to EduExpert Managing Director Mr.E.M Rajesh

Great News!!!!

We are deeply thankful and blessed,

With name of god i proudly announced that we the eduexpert family Signed up with 2 major medical university in Armenia ,One is EROBOUNI MEDICAL CENTRE is the biggest medical institution in the Republic of Armenia where people get multiprofile, high- quality medical care in accordance with world standards.

Thanks to scientific, clinical and educational activities of the specialists, collaboration with leading medical institutions, constantly adopted modern technologies from the leading companies: Siemens, Dragger, Schtorz, Rosh, Olympus, Erebouni Medical Center has gained wide recognition in our country as well as abroad.

Training, specialization and continious education of the Center’s specialists at the leading clinics of the world and their participation at international scientific meetings allow to introduce continuously the newest achievements in medicine into the practical activity of the Center.

The patients have possibility to obtain a consultation and a second opinion of the leading specialists from Germany, France, Russia, USA and other countries regarding diagnostics and treatment provided at Erebouni MC.

Erebouni Medical Center, paying great attention to the training of nurses in accordance with international educational standards and programs, is also the main clinical basis for «Erebouni» Medical College.

Who We Are ?

Eduexpert was originated by like-minded, highly professional individuals that undertake students’ recruitment from India for its hundreds of medical universities, colleges and educational Institution partners across the globe. Eduexpert helps fulfilling Indian students’ international education ambitions. Our proficient educational counsellors facilitate the complete process of getting admission, travel and stay in international medical universities and colleges so that the students can accomplish their aim of acquiring global education in a stress-free way. Our expert study abroad consultants have been guiding Indian students to make wise decisions while selecting the international medical college and making a flawless travel and staying arrangements abroad. Eduexpert has expertise in major countries including Armenia, Poland, Germany, Europe, the USA, and much more. We proffer free study abroad counselling and additional study abroad services like Visa, Scholarship, travel, accommodation, etc. required to attain tertiary education abroad


Welcome to Eduexpert

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Dear students!


Have you ever thought of studying MBBS abroad? Have you ever imagined yourself studying in a world class country with people from different parts of the world that become such good friends during studies that you don’t want to lose them ever in life? Do you know the benefits of attaining international education in foreign countries? Have you ever considered about earning enormous money and living a lucrative life after MBBS? 


If your answer is yes for any of these questions then all you need is a proficient overseas education counsellorin India that can guide you to study MBBS abroad


According to a report by BBC, International Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (IOECD) proclaimed that the number of international students rose from 0.8 million in 1975 to 3.7 million in 2009 at the increasing rate of 12% per year. The numbers have now even doubled in 2017. India is the second largest supplier of international students to the world after China in which women account for twothird of participation in overseas educational programs. 



Why Should You Study MBBS Abroad ?

Reason No. 1 – Broaden Your Mind and be adaptable

Studying abroad in a college can be an exciting opportunity to visit another foreign nation and learn about different cultures and traditions that broaden your mind and perspectives. Studies have proved that the person who learns about different religions, cultures and traditions flourishes more than others who confine themselves in one belief. This is simply because that person becomes more adaptable to the environment and can flourish even in hard conditions in a state of contentment.

Reason No. 2 – Discover New Places and See the World

Living abroad for a few years can be the best and exciting part of your life. You tend to see places, meet people, eat a variety of food and enjoy the different colours of life. Simultaneously, you are preparing yourself for a successful future by acquiring global education abroad. This is where you become more independent and self-sustained. 

Reason No. 3 – Personality Development and Skills

92% of organisations are looking for transversal skills such as curiosity, problem-solving skills, tolerance and confidence in their candidates when recruiting. Study abroad students get trained on these skills when they are taught in a multi-cultural classroom by world best and trained faculties.

Reason No. 4 – International Degree Means an Impressive Resume

64% of employers think international education is necessary for recruitment because graduates with an international degree are given greater professional responsibility. So, if your Curriculum Vitae states that you went abroad to explore top-notch education in an exceptional college that had state-of-the-art facilities, you have 89% higher chances that you will secure that job for yourself. Moreover, around 6 lacs Indian students study abroad because 8 out of 10 HR in seventy-five multi-national companies in India have mentioned that study abroad experience was an important factor for overseas job placement within their company.

Reason No. 5 – You Boss Your Boss!

Furthermore, over 90% of employers assume that employees who have studied abroad shows more desirable skills such as; multi-language communication skills, adabtability, social awareness, professional maturity and flexibility. This also helps and encourage employees to commence their own startup one day to get even more heights in their career. 

Top Five Myth About Studying Abroad Let's have a look at them too!

  1. It’s Dangerous: It’s always good to keep yourself updated with world events and not decide to study MBBS in a country that is currently in a state of war or has a high level of civil unrest. It’s a myth that studying abroad is dangerous, the fact is, 98% of study abroad destinations are on the list of top 100 safest countries in the world for international students proclaimed by United Nations Organisation (UNO). Study abroad counsellors at Eduexpert will assist you in choosing your safest and right study abroad destination.
  2. It’s expensive: There was a time when studying abroad was not cheap because of the high priced limited airlines, unavailability of seats in renowned colleges with a modern curriculum, unaffordable accommodation and high living expenses in developed nations. The table has totally turned now. Indian students are considered to be very talented by most of the education pundits and universities worldwide. A large number of colleges are curious to offer seats to Indian students on their campuses. Likewise, air transport has become more competitive and cheap lately. Universities are offering accommodation and scholarships to the brilliant minds that make studies even more economical. MBBS abroad has become less than half of what it was five decades back abroad and it is even cheaper than studying MBBS in India.
  3. All Programs are Similar abroad: Study abroadprograms are designed to meet the desires and requirements of all kinds of students. When we do consultation sessions for students and parents at Eklavya Overseas, we explain them every good and bad things about studying abroad. Moreover, it depends on the country you chose to study, it depends on the university you get admitted and on the course you pick.Numerous destinations aboard are offering courses in MBBS that are unique and regularly updated with modern curriculum and research. A variety of medical programs will train you on different specialisation according to your scope of interest.
  4. I can’t study abroad because of language barrier: Most of the universities abroad use English as a medium to teach their courses. If you have completed your previous studies in English medium then foreign universities will take you In without any English language test. Even if you are not skilled in English, our study abroad counsellors provide training and assistance in taking English requirements test if required by the university you are applying at. And in most non-Englishspeaking countries, you will have a choice of study abroad programs depending on your level of language proficiency. Many universities are now offering a range of courses in English too.
  5. Studying abroad makes no difference in career: ASSOCHAM study said that 5,500 MBBS schools and colleges in India are producing unemployable graduates. Only 7% Masters in India get a desirable job or work and study abroad students get more opportunities from India and abroad. A fact that adds more sorrow to the situation is that 20% of students are jobless even after 3 years of completing their Master’s course in India. Whereas studied abroad student secures a lucrative job within 6 months of course completion. Numerous opportunities to work abroad also knock at the door. 

How Can We Help You ?

  1. Free Education Counselling: Planning your education pathway can be very stressful, tedious and confusing. This becomes even more difficult when you are considering pursuing international education. You might even ask yourself a few questions such as; is studying abroad helpful? Where can I study? What is the documentation required for the admission? Am I eligible for a scholarship? What are the visa formalities? Where will I accommodate during the course? And the most crucial one; which course in Medicines will help me to achieve my career goals? Expert study abroad counsellors at Eduexpert guides you and your parents in choosing the right course and educational institution abroad that lead you to the right career path. We provide free education counselling, visa guidance, interview preparation, pre-departure checklist and different study abroad services to make sure that you attain an international MBBS degree successfully abroad without any complication. After screening your academic background, reviewing your extracurricular achievements, vocational activities and your English proficiency, we work to ensure that your application gets you with the maximum chances of success. We have a tremendous track record of sending thousands of students in different countries across the world during the last decade.
  2. Financial Estimation: Financial Advisors at Eduexpert calculate for you an anticipated study cost, living expenses, spending on accommodation abroad and fee structure of the universities you wish to apply at, apart from other fee and charges for Visa, city travel, food etc. Our advisors contemplate your interest to invest in education when suggesting country, university, course, travel and accommodation options. Our education counsellors also provide details on scholarship opportunities and assistance for financing your education.
  3. Visa Assistance: Due to regular amendments in Visa regulations around the world, it is very difficult for an Indian student to fill a flawless Visa application. If you are unaware of the provisions of the immigration department of the host country, you may receive a visa refusal instantly. Our team of experienced Visa Counsellors and Ex-visa Officials possess immense experience of working with different embassies and High Commissions across the globe and are regularly updated with the changes in their Visa rules and regulations. High visa success rate is also considered as our Unique Selling Point, which makes Eduexpert a reliable education consultant with 100% success rate in India.
  4. Travel Arrangements: Due to massive variance in the airfare around the world, flying in a worthy airline is an important point when planning the itinerary. Due to a vast difference in the airfare, choosing the right airline for travelling saves a lot of your study abroad cost. Even while using local transport in the host country, choosing the convenient and affordable means of transport will lower down your cost of travelling and living. This adds more savings when studying abroad. Travel Advisors incorporated with us dispense you with comprehensive travel information to accomplish your study abroad mission.
  5. Career Guidance: We don’t just assist MBBS aspirants in getting admitted to International Medical Universities but also discuss their career path and goals with them to advise them on the opportunities they can procure after completing their medical courses abroad. Students are required to stay away from many fraudulent agents around the world and their fake promises of providing an instant employment abroad. Expert career counsellors at Eduexpert also advise you on the opportunities to work part-time during the course of study to make your global education even more sweeten. 

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Erebouni Medical Center

About Us
Managing Director
Shri.E.M Rajesh

Eduexpert  was established in 2011 in Kuttiadi, Kozhikode, Kerala as a centre of educational excellence to nurture, guide and ignite the spirit of the young minds in Kerala.This was eight years ago when education opportunities were limited and information centres were not equipped with adequate resources. Eduexpert was founded on this philosophy to serve students, especially from economically backward backgrounds looking out for continuing education and who dreaming study abroad pathways with an academic and vocational direction.

                      E.M Rajesh our Managing Director  gave up his lucrative job in the Emraites  and chose to pursue his dream building a center of overseas educational Excellence.With a vision to establish Eduexpert.,We have, in the past 8 years, successfully nurtured, groomed and placed approximately 500 plus students in the best of corporate and abroad. Eduexpert has risen above every storm and challenge and has stood tall even while going through the fiery furnace of tests. 2018 marks 8 years of this unstoppable VICTORY.

Republic of Armenia inhabits 29.2 lac people, and is situated in Western Asia on the Armenian Highlands. Armenia shares its borders with 4 other nations, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan and Iran. 2 factors should endorse your decision of doing an MBBS in Armenia, it is a very calm and student friendly place to live in. Brilliant environment and an excellent infrastructure in all the 4 leading medical universities of Armenia foster better learning. The most popular University for MBBS in Armenia is Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), other than YSMU, 3 more popular medical colleges are located in the capital city of Yerevan. This ensures ample cultural intermix and exposure. These universities focus on delivering high quality education for an MBBS in Armenia by combining training, modern medicine and practical learning. Though the official language spoken here is Armenian, but the MBBS classes for foreign students are conducted in English, and the full duration of an MBBS course in Armenia is 6 years. The highlight of considering studying MBBS in Armenia is that a student is encourage to apply for an internship and pick up hands-on learning after the very 1st year of the course. Plus, MBBS admission in Armenia makes medical education quite affordable. The universities offer a degree course (MD) that is equivalent to an MBBS in India.

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