Republic of Armenia inhabits 29.2 lac people, and is situated in Western Asia on the Armenian Highlands. Armenia shares its borders with 4 other nations, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan and Iran. 2 factors should endorse your decision of doing an MBBS in Armenia, it is a very calm and student friendly place to live in. Brilliant environment and an excellent infrastructure in all the 4 leading medical universities of Armenia foster better learning. The most popular University for MBBS in Armenia is Erebouni Medical Center, Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), other than YSMU, 2 more popular medical colleges are located in the capital city of Yerevan. This ensures ample cultural intermix and exposure. These universities focus on delivering high quality education for an MBBS in Armenia by combining training, modern medicine and practical learning. Though the official language spoken here is Armenian, but the MBBS classes for foreign students are conducted in English, and the full duration of an MBBS course in Armenia is 6 years. The highlight of considering studying MBBS in Armenia is that a student is encourage to apply for an internship and pick up hands-on learning after the very 1st year of the course. Plus, MBBS admission in Armenia makes medical education quite affordable. The universities offer a degree course (MD) that is equivalent to an MBBS in India.